Founded by Ian Gibbs, Data Stories is an independent data consultancy focused on all things digital, advertising, media and publishing related. Drawing on fifteen plus years of experience in market research, data analytics, digital advertising and strategic planning, Data Stories employs a broad data-driven skill set to help clients solve their business problems.

The Data Stories offering is rooted in one simple philosophy: that is to create a simple, coherent and actionable data-driven narrative that can be used internally to solve strategic business issues, or that can be used externally to generate appropriate stories about your brand in the outside world.

Prior to Data Stories Ian Gibbs spent nearly a decade at the Guardian heading up its Commercial Insight team, and before that acted as a Research Manager at Millward Brown and a tech market analyst at IDC, contributing to a broad experience in applying data, research and insight to a variety of businesses throughout the advertising ecosystem.

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How can Data Stories help your business?

For Publishers, Media Owners and Platforms:


  • Harness the power of your first party data to create unique data drive narratives around your audience for advertisers and commercial partners.
  • Create frameworks for measuring the true impact of display and content activity running across your properties and channels in an effort to prove impact in a commoditised market totally preoccupied with acquiring clicks.
  • Build an insight function that has one foot in the old world of data reputation yet can draw on insights from the new world of data automation.

For Client Marketing Teams:


  • Avoid a disconnect between your KPI’s and strategic direction by differentiating internal truths about your business and audience from the external narrative created for commercial partners.
  • Conduct a data audit to assess whether data and insight in your business is being optimally deployed to identify value and drive change.
  • Decipher the vast amount of campaign performance data received from media partners, platforms and agencies and transform it into a meaningful ad effectiveness framework.
  • Digital skills training and updates on the key trends affecting and impacting the fast changing media world in which we operate.

For Research Agencies, Ad Tech and Industry Bodies:


  • Unearth new and PR-able insight from the vast amounts of normative data that many companies are sitting on, yet failing to capitalise on. Reap the rewards of a data driven trade marketing and comms strategy.
  • Incubate new ideas for commercially driven thought leadership research and harness the power of data story-telling in the amplification of insight.

For Media and Creative Agencies:


  • Become a true data consultant to your clients, report on the metrics that matter and that offer true long term value to both agency and client alike.
  • Use data to inspire creativity in your strategic and comms planning by unearthing truly unique audience insight.


Data Stories VAT Number: 252 5550 16

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